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"SHAKE YOUR FAITH is a stomping, seductive cry that real rock 'n' roll is alive and well in a band with the swagger, justified confidence, and badass tunes of a modern classic, a collection with all the heart and hips of 70s Stones and serious competition to contemporaries like The Black Keys, Ben Harper, and Jack White."


"'LIVE & HUMBLE' is a modern day 'Rockin the Fillmore!'" 

"Not only do these longhairs know their Johnny Winter and their Johnnie Walker, they sure as shootin' dish it out in a nuclear hoedown of dirty fuzztone lead and slide guitar riffs."

“Anchored by the utra-solid and at times, funky rhythm section of Bowers and Winters, their unshakeable base allows Massey and Saylors the freedom to take their dynamic guitar interplay to new heights (on LIVE & HUMBLE).” 


“With blaring rock n roll bravado (on Live at the Double Door), the trio fired a bullet directly into the heart...with ramble ready dynamic shifts, full-toned vocals and the makings of a band on the run.”

"Clava is ONE OF THE BEST ROCK ALBUMS TO HIT IN 2011... Nothing’s too gussied up so the honest grit and sweat of rock ‘n’ roll comes through loud and clear, and behind everything a crossroads right blues soul howls. Clava continues the group’s evolution by simply refining every promising aspect this taut trio has exhibited in the past. If you’re charged up by what The Black Keys or Black Crowes are putting down lately, there’s little doubt Clava will flip your wig big time." 


"With their latest offering, Clava, the group has stepped out from under their influences' shadow to claim their own sound." 

Dirty Impound

"...The Steepwater Band excel at slow burns throughout this set, prowling ‘round your back door and howling in a low, sexy way, swinging with the angels dancin’ around their heads and leaving blood on the floorboards. Folks enamored of Mick Taylor-era Stones, early Hendrix and The Black Keys will eat up this up with impolite gusto. It’s a great pleasure to see a band fully realize their potential as they ride into their second decade together, and Clava presents these Chicago survivors at their earthy, appealing finest."

"Clava is The Steepwater Band at its best. It is more focused and more mature than any effort (album) before. "

"Every record is better than the former, and they always maintain an evolution within the American roots rock. For the moment we can only wonder when they will reach the top of their abilities. Marah and Drive-By Truckers have been dethroned. Everybody stand up to salute their new majesties: THE STEEPWATER BAND."

"This band has traveled a long and winding musical road.  From the Delta to the electrified blues of Chicago, across the Atlantic to the blues-inspired rock of the Stones, Zeppelin and Free before making their way back through the Texas roadhouses."

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